Oscar host James Franco skips own after-party after receiving bad reviews at Academy Awards

Academy Awards co-host James Franco skipped his own Oscar after-party at The Writer’s Room in Los Angeles after supposedly "bombing" at the awarding ceremony on Monday, reports Us Magazine.

After the Oscars, he boarded a plane to New York and Tweeted two photos captioned "Goodbye L.A." and "It was fun! Have to (head) back to class." The Oscar nominee is a student at the New York University and Yale University, according to Us Magazine.

An Us Magazine source said a few stars attended Franco’s party including Seth Rogen, Kevin Spacey and some 90210 cast members.

Several international publications have criticized Franco and Anne Hathaway’s performance as co-hosts of the Oscars.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote, "The likable, quirky actor was torched on Twitter and pimp-slapped across the web for his lifeless performance... Franco looked like he was too cool to be there half of the time and like the lights were too bright for him the other half, forcing a squint that made his tight-lipped smile look more like disdain. Hathaway tried to help, but the duo didn’t have even an ounce of the chemistry that (Alec) Baldwin and Steve Martin had last year."

wrote, "Franco went blank-slate, projecting nothing except expressions verging on outright disdain. As he got more and more ironic, she (Hathaway) got more and more worked up. He may have kept his cool (and tweeted up a storm), but why take this job if you’re not going to try?"

Meanwhile, the New York Times wrote, "Separately, Mr. Franco and Ms. Hathaway are charming and charismatic, but together they had an odd absence of chemistry. Mr. Franco looked a little distracted and even blasé-not surprisingly for a multiplatform performer-writer who is working on an English doctorate at Yale."


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