Mariel Rodriguez thought of converting to Islam, says Catholic wedding with Robin Padilla "on hold" for now

( Actress Mariel Rodriguez, who is Catholic, has said that she thought of converting to Islam because the Catholic Church refuses to allow her and Muslim husband Robin Padilla to wed in Catholic rites, reports Former Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz earlier said that the Church cannot allow the union because of the Muslim provision that allows men to be married to more than one woman, which contradicts Catholic Church teachings.

Rodriguez told that she would be a "hypocrite" to say that she has not thought of converting to Islam. However, she said, "Ang pangit naman no’ng parang nagkaroon ka lang ng problema sa religion mo, tatalikuran mo at magbabago ka ng relihiyon." ("But it doesn’t sound right to convert to another religion just because you have problems with your current one.")

She added that their Catholic wedding is "on hold" for now. She claimed that the Catholic Church wants Padilla to convert to their religion first and that their future children must be raised Catholic as well. quoted her: "Para tuloy do’n ko na-appreciate lalo ’yong Islam. Kasi sa Islam, walang pilitan... Hindi kailangan mag-convert ako ng Islam." ("I did not have to convert to Islam when we got married. I appreciate that I wasn’t pressured to do so.")

Rodriguez added, "I feel that religion should not be a reason for people not to be together. Tayo, ginawa natin yo’ng religion. Pero ginawa tayo ng Diyos para magmahalan, ’di ba?" ("We created religion but God created us to love one another.")

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