Lea Salonga admonishes detractors on Twitter

(SPOT.ph) Internationally renowned performer Lea Salonga responded to detractors bashing her on Twitter, reports Manila Bulletin. The bashing came after Salonga on Independence Day tweeted: "I've become such a cynic that now when I see how many followers I have (over 460,000), I wonder how many of them are trolls."

Internetslang.com defines "troll" as a "deliberately provocative message board user." According to Manila Bulletin, some of Salonga's followers, however, didn't take her tweet well, sending her insults and condemnations.

"To clear it up, it was a reaction to suspecting that a good number of my followers could be trolls. Hence the message, and hence my comment," she clarified over Twitter the next day. In another tweet, she wrote, "But just know my tone when I wrote that tweet wasn’t mean-spirited. Most of my followers totally got it, and get me."

One follower advised Salonga to be nicer to her fans, to which the singer replied: "Just got a message saying I should be more polite to my fans. Agreed. But you can’t blame my cynicism after the bullcrap I’ve gotten for standing up for my beliefs. You can unfollow me if I offend you so much. I won’t hold it against you."

Some of her followers, however, sent tweets of encouragement. Mel5932 wrote, "...A celeb (has) every right 2 defend or take action against abuses by insane envious crabs," Salonga replied, "Oh but celebs, unbeknownst to the world at large, are very, very human. Some are more human than others. I’m just more impulsive."

For more on this story, log on to Manila Bulletin.

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