Arroyo slams PNoy’s "Nobody Home" leadership and failure to build on her economic gains, Budget Sec. Abad asks, "What gains? The

( Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo again expressed her disappointment with incumbent President Noynoy Aquino on Friday, June 24, and said that the Aquino administration seems to have failed on building on the successes of her leadership, reports ABS-CBN News.  She warned the President that he has led the country’s economy to deceleration and pointed out that the noticeable lack of leadership in the government began as early as last August's hostage crisis in Manila.


The Inquirer reports, "Arroyo warned that ’there may be danger lurking ahead for our economy’ because of the kind of leadership displayed by her successor, which she said one columnist has characterized as ’nobody home.’"


"A year ago, I was able to turn over to the administration a new Philippines with sustainable growth rate," Arroyo told reporters. "I have sustainable growth rate, 10 years of uninterrupted growth. Even during global crisis, I left with 7.9-percent growth rate. I left with automated elections. Gains I built on gains of previous leaders because every administration should build on previous successes," Arroyo added, describing Aquino's administration as having a "nobody's home" feel.


Comparing her leadership with Aquino’s, she said: "During my time, inflation rate was slowest among administration... Even the score of the Philippines in corruption is going up." Arroyo added that the country was still benefiting from her governance but it is decelerating compared to the rest of Asia.


In a separate ABS-CBN article, Budget Secretary Florencio "Butch" Abad reacted to Arroyo's claims with a mix of anger and amusement. "The first question that comes to mind is what gains? The people's gains or her gains? Prudent expenditure took a back seat to political survival and political patronage during the previous administration."



Abad added that when Aquino assumed office last June 2010, his group had to struggle to make do with 40-percent of the year's budget remaining and to replenish the P2-million Calamity Fund which had already been spent in the first half of the year alone. "Nobody home? Of course! We've left the old neighborhood. We live in a new neighborhood now-where decency, transparency and accountability reign," Abad countered.


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