India tops Most Stressed Women in the World survey; PH not included in study

( After studying 6,500 women across 21 nations from February to April this year, the Nielsen Company found that women in India are the most stressed, reports CNN. Titled the "Women of Tomorrow Study," Nielsen reported that 87 percent of Indian women feel stressed most of the time with 82 percent claiming they have no time to relax.


Despite their stress, however, Reuters said Indian women most likely spend their extra cash on themselves. Ninety-six percent anticipate buying new clothes, 77 percent would spend on health and beauty products, and 44 percent on home electronics. The survey noted that women in developing countries like India, Mexico, and Nigeria mostly spend their income on personal items, groceries, or their children’s education, while those in developed economies put more money to vacations, savings, and paying off debts.


Susan Whiting, the vice chair of Nielsen, said, "Women across the globe are achieving higher levels of education, joining the workforce in greater numbers and contributing more to the household income." She added that while women have become more empowered to reach their goals, this same empowerment adds to their stress levels.


Whiting also added that women are achieving higher levels of education, joining the workforce and contributing more to the household income. "Women are increasing their spending power... As a result the women of today and tomorrow are powerful consumers and understanding their habits and attitudes is critically important for marketers and advertisers."


CNN's list of 21 countries in order of most stressed women:



  1. India (87%)
  2. Mexico (74%)
  3. Russia (69%)
  4. Brazil (67%)
  5. Spain (66%)
  6. France (65%)
  7. South Africa (64%)
    Italy (64%)
  8. Nigeria (58%)
  9. Turkey (56%)
  10. UK (55%)
  11. USA (53%)
  12. Japan (52%)
    Canada (52%)
    Australia (52%)
  13. China (51%)
  14. Germany (47%)
  15. Thailand (45%)
    South Korea (45%)
  16. Malaysia (44%)
    Sweden (44%)


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