Lourd de Veyra’s Snappy Replies to Stupid Tweets

Our SPOT.ph blogger on what he thinks you <em>really</em> wish you could say on Twitter.

(SPOT.ph) Twitter, that great, swirling miasma of ridiculously accessible-and most of the time unnecessary and, even worse, annoying-information. Times are when you itch to fire a nasty retort to some stupid tweet, but that would be the nadir of diplomacy. It could mean a string of "un-follows" or worse, the end of friendships. But sometimes we can't help but fantasize...


Disclaimer: What appear to be screenshots of the tweets that Lourd de Veyra has responded to contain only digitally manipulated artistic depictions of random human composites to stand in for Twitter users. Any perceived similarities with persons living or dead are purely coincidental and unintentional. The artistic manipulation was only done to mimic Twitter’s format.



Snappy retorts in less than 140 characters. Click for more.



Artwork by Warren Espejo

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