’s Top 10 Affogato

Get ready to drown in the goodness.

( In Italian, the full name of an affogato dessert is "affogato al caffe", or "drowned in coffee." Ordering an affogato in a café, gelato shop, or restaurant means you’ll receive a scoop of ice cream or gelato dunked in a shot of hot espresso.


Everyone has their own interpretation of this classic Italian coffee-based dessert. You can be the traditionalist with a simple scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato. Or, you can play around with ice cream or gelato flavors that are compatible with coffee, like hazelnut or almond. Biscotti or nuts can also be added into the mix for some texture and crunch.


What makes a great affogato? It all starts with the presentation of that scoop of ice cream or gelato drowning in espresso. Some places drown the scoop for you, meaning the espresso shot is already poured in the cup of ice cream or gelato when it arrives at your table. Other places let you do the pouring, with the espresso shot served on the side. Then comes the most important part of any dish, the taste. The strength of the espresso pairs with the sweetness of the ice cream or gelato. The balance of the two must harmonize for those perfect bites and that last lingering sip. Here’s our roundup of the 10 best in the city.


Which of these coffee-ice cream duos reigns supreme? Click for more.


Photos by Angela Sibal. Artwork by Warren Espejo.

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