Annabelle Rama vs. The World: 10 Smackdowns Where She Let It Rip

We list encounters where the wrath of the fierce Bisaya was unleashed.


( Who doesn’t know Annabelle Rama? She started out as the supporting character to actor-husband Eddie Gutierrez and then later on her showbiz-bound kids, daughter Ruffa and twin sons Richard and Raymond. These days, Rama is a showbiz personality in her own right. Once a starlet in forgettable racy flicks in the 1970s, Rama is now making bigger waves as a talent manager. Heck, she even scored her own movie, My Monster Mom, in 2008 and recently revealed that she’s running for Congress.

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But, of course, Rama has also gained some notoriety as a never-say-die nanay who’ll hunt down-or at least verbally whip to the point of their self-esteem’s near death-the people whom she thinks are hurting her or the members of her family. Here, we list 10 encounters where the wrath of Rama was unleashed. For the record, we’re not taking any sides here. We’re just tallying the fierce Bisaya’s well-documented smackdowns. (Please don’t hurt us, Ms. Rama.)


BONUS: Annabelle Rama vs. Yilmaz Bektas (2007)

Spat origin: Bektas, who's described as a Turkish businessman, was once married to Rama's only daughter, Ruffa Gutierrez. The two, who had gotten married in 2003, announced their split in May 2007. Gutierrez also claimed that Bektas had been a physically abusive husband. There was no love lost between Rama and her son-in-law. The Bektas-Gutierrez marriage was declared annulled in January 2011.

Her "Mom mode" plea: "Leave my daughter alone! Give her freedom!" was Rama's fiery "plea" to Bektas. (Perhaps, she censored herself because the man was still the father of her granddaughters, Lorin and Venice. We added this to show that Rama does have moments where she reins herself in.)




Annabelle Rama vs. Lolit Solis (2008)

Spat origin: A report revealed: "(The Rama-Solis) rift started when Annabelle’s daughter, Ruffa Gutierrez, revealed that she was snubbed by Lolit’s talent, Lani Mercado, at the birthday party of a GMA-7 executive. Lolit, in defense, of Lani, said some things about Ruffa that offended Annabelle. This started a word war between the two feisty women." The two women made peace that same year.

Her action-packed tirade: In an interview with TV Patrol's Mario Dumaual, Rama told Solis: "Ngayon di mo ako nirerespeto dahil kinakalaban mo anak ko, pati mga apo ko tinatamaan mo. Ngayon Lolit Solis, kung matapang ka, hinahamon kita. Sabihin mo saan, ano’ng oras, gusto mo mag-upakan tayo ngayon din, okay sa akin (Now, you don't respect me because you're slamming my daughter and you're even slamming my grandchildren. Now, Lolit Solis, if you're really tough, I dare you. Tell me where and when-if you like let's just have a fistfight right now, it's okay with me)!"




Annabelle Rama vs. Wilma Galvante (2009)

Spat origin: Rama accused then-GMA Network senior vice president Wilma Galvante of playing favorites. As such, Rama alleged that her talents, which included son Richard Gutierrez and actor JC de Vera, were being ignored. The two ended up suing each other. However in March 2012, it was reported by SunStar Manila that the two women have made peace-thanks to the efforts of Regal Films boss Lily Monteverde.

Her hellish diatribe: In a radio interview with showbiz reporter Ogie Diaz at the height of their tiff (as reported on, Rama had said, "Kailangan si Wilma magsimba araw-araw para ang sungay niya matatanggal sa katawan niya. Satanas 'yang Wilma na 'yan! Satanas 'yan (Wilma needs to go to church everyday to get rid of the horns that have long grown on her body. Wilma is Satan! She is Satan)!"

Annabelle Rama vs. John Lloyd Cruz (2009)


Spat origin: As reports about daughter Ruffa Gutierrez's dates with actor John Lloyd Cruz heated up, Rama got exasperated over the fact that Cruz didn't really acknowledge his relationship with Gutierrez.

Her public ultimatum: In an interview, Rama was asked to address Cruz. quoted Rama, who said, "John Lloyd, magpakalalake ka, okay? Kung in love ka sa anak ko, umamin ka in public! Kasi, I don’t think nakakahiya si Ruffa kung... Nakakahiya yun kung hindi mo siya inaamin, di ba? Para naman siyang kept woman, di ba (John Lloyd, be a man, okay? If you're in love with my daughter, admit to it in public. I don't think Ruffa is someone you'd be ashamed of. It would seem that you're ashamed of your relationship if you don't admit that you're together, right? That would make her like a kept woman, right)?"



Annabelle Rama vs. Kris Aquino (2010)

Spat origin: In March 2010, reported that The Buzz co-host Ruffa Gutierrez was reportedly pulled out from the show by mom-manager Rama because she thought Kris Aquino kept stealing the spotlight from Gutierrez. At that time, Gutierrez was saying goodbye to the ABS-CBN show because she had signed with TV5.


Her anti-Noynoy rant: The report noted that in an interview, Rama addressed the public with these fighting words: "Kaya ako'y nananawagan sa taumbayan na huwag niyo na iboto si Noynoy [Aquino, Kris' brother running for the presidency], kasi hindi pa nga nananalo si Noynoy eh ang yabang-yabang na ni Kris. Akala mo siya na ang may-ari ng showbiz (I'm calling out to the public and asking them not to vote for Noynoy. He hasn't won yet and Kris is already full of herself. She thinks she owns showbiz)."



Annabelle Rama vs. Heart Evangelista (2010)

Spat origin: Rama was reportedly fuming mad when actress Evangelista abruptly decided to quit being one of her talents. As it turned out, Evangelista's mother Cecile Ongpauco stepped in as her manager. Ongpauco naturally also earned Rama's ire.

Her enraged declaration: The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that during an October 2010 lunch gathering she hosted for the press, Rama sized up Evangelista thus: "Naging star lang siya dahil sa akin kasi matagal na siyang nalaos! Wala siyang project, sa akin lang siya nabuhay. Binuhay ko lang ang kanyang patay na career (She became a star because of me. She was a has-been. She had no project, I built her up. I breathed life into her dead career)."




Annabelle Rama vs. Angeli Pangilinan-Valenciano (2010)

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