Hong Kong man, 66, finds out he’s actually a woman

Agence France-Presse reports via InterAksyon.com that "a 66-year-old who lived his whole life as a man" found out he was a woman after a visit to the doctor in Hong Kong for a swollen abdomen revealed he had ovaries.


The report, which was based on an article published on the Hong Kong Medical Journal, explained that "doctors realized the patient was female after they found the swelling came from a large cyst on an ovary." Medical experts said that the patient's condition was "the result of two rare genetic disorders." The 1.37-meter (4.5-foot) tall patient had Turner's syndrome, "which affects girls and women and results from a problem with the chromosomes, with characteristics including infertility and short stature." But aside from this, "he also had congenital adrenal hyperplasia, increasing male hormones and making the patient, who had a beard and a 'micropenis,' appear like a man."


The article noted that after hearing of the diagnosis, the Vietnam-born Chinese patient just decided to continue "perceiving himself as having a male gender with the possible need of testosterone replacement."



For more on this story, log on to InterAksyon.com.

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