Former congressman Benjo Benaldo says he didn’t mean to shoot himself, says it was an accident

The former congressman says Daiana Menezes had nothing to do with the incident either. reports that on Monday, July 15, former congressman Jose Benjamin "Benjo" Benaldo said that the June 27 shooting incident that left him confined in a hospital for days was not intentional.


According to the report, Benaldo broke his silence for the first time since the shooting happened after being discharged from St. Luke's Medical Center in Quezon City. He said the incident which "very nearly took my life was a pure accident." He also dismissed rumors that the shooting was related to marital woes, saying it "had nothing to do with Daiana [Menezes]," his wife.


The former representative of Cagayan de Oro said his new advocacy after bowing out of Congress would be electoral reform because he "was clearly cheated in the last election."


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