U.S. college student arrested for smoking marijuana awarded $4.1 million after he was "forgotten" in jail for 5 days

David Chong had to do awful things in order to survive.

Agence France-Presse reports via InterAksyon.com that a 25-year-old college student who was forgotten for five days in a U.S. prison last year by his jailers without food or water has won a $4.1 million settlement from the American government.


The report cited news articles from various sources as saying that the Department of Justice approved the settlement after proving that officials from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) forgot to free David Chong after taking him into custody for smoking marijuana at a friend's house in April 2012. DEA officials reportedly told Chong that he will soon be released but they did not bother to go back to his windowless cell for five days.


Although Chong managed to survive by drinking his own urine, the ordeal left him severely dehydrated for a few days and traumatized for years.


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