Cookie Butter Controversy: Reseller gets nasty Facebook message urging them to increase prices

It seems some people are willing to threaten others over Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter.

( By the looks of things, the Cookie Butter craze is not dying down anytime soon. (Note: Read "The Search for Speculoos.") Then again, this tale may give you an idea about how greed pushes some individuals to do unthinkable acts. It all starts with the small stuff. Today Cookie Butter, tomorrow the pork barrel. You just never know.


Lorena and Loreta, one of the first resellers of Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter, got a rather nasty private message via Facebook at 7:48 p.m. on Wednesday, August 21 from what appears to be a Facebook Page of another seller. We’ve decided not to name the said seller because there’s no way of knowing who’s really behind the page or if the person who serves as administrator of the page will just claim that it got "hacked." You know, the usual excuses of people who get caught doing bad things. All we can say is, our amateur sleuthing led us to an FB page selling products for pets. (The screencaptures posted here already offer some clues if you want to do some sleuthing yourself.)


In any case, the message was slamming Lorena and Loreta for selling Cookie Butter at P350 per jar. The sender dared to urge them to bump up their prices to P450 since people were paying that price anyway. (See screencapture of the said Facebook PM below, as posted on the Lorena and Loreta Facebook page.)




In response, Lorena and Loreta posted a screencapture of the nasty Facebook message along with their own statement. (See the sceencapture of Lorena and Loreta’s statement below.)


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If this isn’t an indication of Cookie Butter’s market value, the we don’t know what is. For the record, Lorena and Loreta has disclosed that they may indeed be increasing the prices of the sought after Cookie Butter. (See screencapture of the announcement they posted last August 12 below.)




Note: All screencaptures featured in this article are used with permission from the administrator of the Lorena and Loreta Facebook page, who is also one of the co-owners of the company. is not affiliated with Lorena and Loreta in any way. We do not personally know the people behind the said company. We decided to feature this story after one of our readers told us about the nasty Facebook message that was sent to Lorena and Loreta. The administrator of the Lorena and Loreta page provided us with the details for this feature. We decided not to highlight her name as well because there’s no telling how far the person who threatened her company will go to cause trouble.

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