Fallout Girl: The Janet Napoles Memes

This avalanche of sarcasm was inevitable.

In custody. Janet Napoles is really quite a catch. (Screenshot of image shared via Facebook and Tumblr)


(SPOT.ph) It’s tough to be Janet Napoles these days. In just a matter of weeks, her life has taken a 180-degree turn. She went from calling the shots to being afraid of getting shot. Well, what else do you expect when you’re accused of being the so-called "mastermind of the pork barrel scam"?


In the spirit of ironic Pinoy humor, we picked some interesting memes that show how the public sees Napoles. We gotta warn you, the images aren’t pretty. Only time will tell if Napoles will get out of this fix or not.



This is where your money goes. When Napoles’ wealth was exposed, the working wounded felt the disparity between her life and theirs. (Screenshot of image shared via Facebook and Tumblr)



Thou shall be judged. People think Napoles has an allegedly dubious talent. (Screenshot of image shared via Facebook and Twitter)



This little piggy went MIA. A take on Napoles’ Wanted poster, referring to speculations that she had undergone plastic surgery so she wouldn’t be recognized. (Screenshot of image shared via Facebook and Tumblr)



Swept away. When Napoles went missing, there were also speculations that she had managed to get out of the country on a yacht. (Screenshot of image shared on Facebook and Tumblr)



Attorney-in-waiting. Napoles’ lawyer, Atty. Lorna Kapunan (as she was photographed when she and her client were in Malacañang), gets the Elton John treatment. (Screenshot of image shared via Facebook and Tumblr)




Sa Instagram nagsimula, sa Instagramm din tatapusin. Here’s a spoof Instagram post supposedly done by Napoles’ youngest daughter Jeane, whose faithful documentation of her posh life may have led to her mother’s biggest headache. (Screenshot of image shared via Facebook and Tumblr)



The hapless stand-in. The Muppet diva has often been used as a substitute for Napoles in various memes. (Screenshot of image shared via Twitter and Tumblr)



The Wheelchair Brigade. Napoles has been lumped with these two. (Screenshot of image shared via Facebook and Tumblr)



What’s the catch? People joke that Napoles didn’t really surrender because P-Noy had to hunt her down. (Screenshot of image shared via Facebook and Tumblr)



Mukhang pera ka! Reports alleged that Napoles has "processed" as much as P10 billion in the past 10 years. (Screenshot of image shared via Facebook and Tumblr)



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