INFOGRAPHIC: A Quick Guide to the Senators on the Pork Barrel

At a glance: the official stand of each of the 24 senators on the PDAF.

( We know that it’s pretty hard to keep track of things, especially during these times when there’s an earthquake and then a typhoon. Now, we have this sinking feeling that someone’s happy that we’re distracted but unfortunately for them, we spent a few minutes (hours, actually) updating the information we have about the pork barrel scam.


On November 11, 2013, the senators were supposed to submit their official stand on the PDAF. Fourteen of them formally sent letters, with a majority voting to scrap the pork barrel. If you need a visual guide, here’s a handy infographic of our 24 senators. It includes their stand on these scandalous funds and whether or not they were ever implicated in misappropriation.






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