Church of England mulls giving "blessings" to gay couples

It’s a start.

Reuters correspondent Belinda Goldsmith (via reports that one of the proposals for reform in the Church of England involves the possibility of the clergy being able to "bless" same-sex relationships. The report said that the Church of England "wants to adopt a more open-but disputed-approach to homosexuality." The report explained that "the proposal was among 18 recommendations put forward by a working group set up two years ago."


The report noted: "Although gay couples would still not be able to legally marry in a church, the proposed change-which was made public on Thursday (November 28) along with the other proposals-would officially sanction clergy to let gay and lesbian couples mark and celebrate same-sex marriages and civil partnerships in a church service."


The report went on to reveal that "critics swiftly condemned the ’blessing’ proposal as contrary to the church’s teaching on sexual conduct." Reacting to the critics, working group chairman Joseph Pilling pointed out that "the church needed to reflect rapid changes in society as senior clergy express fears of a looming crisis, with falling attendance rates and failure to attract young people."

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