Pacquiao Act of 2013 FAQs: Furiously Asked Questions for Congressman Gunigundo

This is not a drill. He has answers.

( We may not be your main source of serious news (because we’re mostly satire and sarcasm, #sorrynotsorry) but we went and met up with Congressman Magtanggol T. Gunigundo I of the Second District of Valenzuela and his staff in order to provide you some insight on this rather controversial proposal to exempt Manny Pacquiao from paying his individual income tax (he still has to pay other forms of taxes like property and...others). We showed them the comments from the article and on Facebook post on this and yes, they gave us answers. No, we’re not kidding.


FULL DISCLAIMER: The contents of this article does not reflect the sentiments of the entire staff and furthermore, we will not restrict your freedom to express your personal opinion regarding this bill in the comments section. The answers have been modified to suit the website’s tone. We are not a hardcore news source.



The clip features the reaction of ordinary people to the Pacquio Act of 2013, ranging from hostile to ammicable


Study notes: BIR Director Kim Henares was quick to reject Congressman Gunigundo’s proposal, calling it "unconstitutional." Meanwhile, Malacañang also gave it a thumbs down, calling it "unreasonable."


1. "Why should he be exempt??? He should pay taxes like the rest of us" - Sol Salutillo Gruber


Camp Gunigundo: It’s true that they say that the law applies to all or none at all but keep in mind that there are certain organizations that enjoy tax exemptions like the church and charitable institutions. We know that Manny Pacquiao seflessly shares his winnings with Saranggani, including his move to improve the health fascilities in his district.

Snarky Side Comment: This is really making us want to be champion boxers. Sure, we’d have to train for years and actually be good but hopefully, it’ll pay-off. Maybe they’ll also exempt gold medalists from the Olympics! Time to sharpen our...chess skills? Oh wait, that’s still not a proper Olympic sport. Damn.



2. "Swerte niya. Mga sundalo sa Mindanao kakarampot ang kinikita nagbabayad ng buwis. Gutom, pagod, uhaw, sakit, pangungulila at BALA ang sinasalubong. Sayo kamao lang. May gloves pa."- Nicolo Albarando

Camp Gunigundo: We have great respect for our brave soliders but they don’t always get sent to fight in areas of conflict. Pacquiao always fights inside the boxing ring with his health and even his life on the line. He has brought honor to the country that may be considered unparalleled. As for the soldiers, they are given merits and awards tantamount to their own contributions and sacrifices for the country.

Snarky Side Comment: How about nobody pays any taxes until all the corrupt officials have been removed from power? That’s super fair!


3. "Ok lang yan basta bigyan ako n[i] Pacman" - ザ サンディス ゼツト (Zasandi Suzetsuto*)

Camp Gunigundo: That’s one way to make sense of this proposal. Think of how much he has given back. Consider him a charitable institution that not only gives back to the less fortunate financially but gives them something to be proud of as well.


Snarky Side Comment: We agree with the commenter. Sana bigyan din kami ni Pacman.


4. "Kulang sa pansin ang may panukala [n]ito. Gusto sigurong m[a]g papogi kay Manny. Alam nyo na??"- Renee Bamba

Camp Gunigundo: It’s true that he’s not at all close to Manny Pacquiao. Pacquio’s allies, like Representative Lito Atienza, are also proposing to make the prize money of athletes tax exempt but there is already an existing law that grants them that. Camp Gunigundo adds that even if Pacquiao says that he is not for this exemption, it is not a donation. The House will decide on the matter. Furthermore, Congressman Gunigundo expressed his concern that Pacquiao might meet the same fate as other prize-winning athletes who brought pride to the country but are now, in a way, forgotten.

Snarky Side Comment: Maybe it’s not so wrong to be worried about Pacquiao but this is only serving to make Pacquiao look good. Will some of it rub onto Gunigundo?



5. "WTF!!! Tayong maliliit ang kita mabilis pa sa alas[-]singko kung kunan nila ng buwis tapos yung mga millionaires at billionaires EXEMPTED! WAT DA PAK! Sarap naman ng buhay nila! Parang tax ex[e]mption lang sa Forbes Park! Ayus ah!" - koji_kazama

Camp Gunigundo: Everyone enjoys a tax-free 13th month pay, National Artists receive a tax-free financial gratuity, and under existing law (Internal Revenue Code Section 32, subsection (b) number 7, subsubsection (d)) the following is also exempt from tax:

    Prizes and Awards in Sports Competition. - All prizes and awards granted to athletes in local and international sports competitions and tournaments whether held in the Philippines or abroad and sanctioned by their national sports associations.

This is a mere extention of that, as an expression of gratitude for the large and lasting impact of Manny’s achievements to the country. He dedicates all of his fights to the Philippines, despite receiving no subsidy from the Government during his early years while he was still a poor boxer, training in the province.


Snarky Side Comment: But the our 13th month pay is only tax-free if it’s under P30,000. Sad face.


And as un umbrella question for all the negative personal comments (e.g. "Another bill to add to Spot’s stupid law list. The House of Representatives bring down the country’s collective IQ. They should be eliminated." - Monocle) against the Congressman’s character and actions, Camp Gunigundo states that they will not address these nor will they resort to appealing to emotions. Congressman Gunigundo stands by this "ridiculous" proposal and will answer critical questions with critical answers.


Watch out guys, we have a feeling that he’s going to get a lot of airtime for this and for his sake, we hope the public sees the logic in this...erm, "quirky" bill.

Tell us your #feels!

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