Weekly News Round-up: New Year Babies, Sin Tax, and a Bus Accident on Commonwealth (again)

Your weekly news digest, with a dash of snark


(SPOT.ph) Not everyone has the time to chew on the news, so here’s a digest of stories from banal to bizarre that happened this week:




1. New Year babies are born

In other news, babies were also born before and after January 1. They are special, too.


2. Limbs were lost

Despite the government's repeated warnings, a portion of the population was determined to keep the New Year tradition of sacrificing their fingers and limbs for good fortune in the coming year.

This just in: This is, apparently, not an actual tradition. We are still sarcastic.



Photo from Specialty Food


3. The second batch of sin tax is applied to alcoholic drinks and cigarettes

This may be a good time to start being an artisan. Make your own beer or grow (and roll) your own tobacco.


4. Senator Jinggoy Estrada blames misfortune on numerology

We want to advise him to wear a lucky charm over his face but we think it's thick enough to withstand all and any accusations thrown at him.


5. Philippine economic growth will slow down, say economists

This piece of information delighted President Aquino as he would be bored without problems.

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A quick shout out to the hit Doge meme of 2013


6. Boy Golden cries foul over MMFF snub

A Bandera article by Jobert Sucaldito laments the lack of recognition for Chito Roño's Boy Golden, stating that they should have won several awards, including one for cinematography. SPOT.ph blogger Ria Limjap's response to Boy Golden's ass-like face alone is proof that the film has some technical merits indeed.




7. Piles of trash left after New Year celebration

Philippine political logic dictates that this can be considered job creation. What will the janitors and street sweepers do if there is nothing to clean up? (Feel free to facepalm. Wait, is facepalming still a thing?)


8. Pope Francis is Esquire's Best Dressed Man


We can't wait for men to start dressing in long white robes and huge, fancy hats. It will look, get ready for it, divine.


Screencapture from GMANetwork.com


9. Devotees gather at Quiapo for the New Year procession of the Black Nazarene

Several people were injured, which was not part of the rehearsal but will likely be repeated on January 9, Thursday. The public is advised by the government to take caution. The government is advised by the public to declare the day a holiday.


Tweet by DZBB Super Radyo



10. Bus hits gutter in an accident along Commonwealth on first working day of the year

Isn't it a comfort to know that some things never change?

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