Filipino one of the languages featured in Coke’s "America the Beautiful" Super Bowl 2014 ad

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GMA News Online reports that Coca-Cola has released an ad spot during the Super Bowl-the US National Football League’s championship game- featuring Tagalog words in a rendition of the song "America the Beautiful."


<>The report explained that the minute and a half spot showed "America is Beautiful" being sung in seven different languages. The Filipino phrase "Sa ibabaw ng mga prutas!" was chosen as the translation for the line "Above the fruited plain!"


<>The ad, which aimed to show "a multilingual America with a rich diversity of cultures and families" was aired during a commercial break in the first half of the game. The softdrinks company's ad spot was hailed not only for including words from different languages, but also for featuring "the first gay family in an ad aired during America’s big game."

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