These baby names are now banned in Mexico: Scrotum, Terminator, Virgin, Facebook, and many more

Heck, they should be banned all over the world!

Reuters (via reports that, in the hopes of protecting kids from a lifetime of bullying, officials in Sonora, Mexico have banned 61 names from being "inflicted" on babies.


The offensive names include Scrotum, Terminator, USNAVY, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, fictional characters Harry Potter, James Bond, Rambo, surgical terms like Circumcision, Virgin, Hitler, Email, Burger King, Christmas Day, Robocop, and Rolling Stone.


Cristina Ramirez, the director of Sonora’s Civil Registry, said, "It’s about protecting children. We want to make sure children’s names don’t get them bullied in school."


But, wait, why are they against Harry Potter character names?


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