10 Everyday Situation Turned Into #Magic Moments

Yes, even the most dreadful moments can be saved.


There are days when you wake up thinking it would be an ordinary day. Then just when you least expect it, the day turns sour and you end up asking yourself why you even got out of bed in the first place. These are times when nothing, short of magic, could save the day. Sometimes though, we can turn dreadful life bumps or ordinary situations into #MagicMoments:

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1. You changed bags then realized later that you forgot your wallet in your other bag.

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#Magic Moment: Instead of freaking out, you check your bag’s pockets for any loose change you can use for the day. Instead of coins, you find a forgotten "ampao" that you got last Christmas with P500 in it!



2. You’re a block away from your job interview when you realize you forgot your resume at the coffee shop.

#Magic Moment: You decide to just wing it and hope that the interviewer has a soft copy of your resume. Luckily, your interviewer does!



3. Rushing to a meeting you know you’ll be late for.


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#Magic Moment: While in line for a cab, you decide to call your client to apologize and advise that you’ll be a bit late. Miraculously, the client is running late, too! You glance at the long line in front of you and there’s a silver lining-a cute guy is in line waiting for a cab just like you.



4. Paying for your grocery at the cashier, you realize that you went over your budget by P20 and you don’t have extra cash nor a credit card.

#Magic Moment: You sheepishly ask the cashier to just remove the chocolate bars from your bill but before you can even pick out something to return, the person next in line gives you P20 and smiles.




5. You’re at the MRT station during the rush hour. The platform is crowded and every train is packed.


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#Magic Moment: Instead of letting the stress get to you, you decide to step back and breathe. After a few more minutes, the next train finally arrives-it’s empty! Yay for skip trains!



6. You’re 10 minutes late picking-up your nephew from his pre-school.

#Magic Moment: You arrive with a bag of candy as a bribe, but then you were advised to wait since your darling nephew got into trouble so he got detained by the teacher.



7. You’re out with your boyfriend in a skimpy outfit when he suddenly announces that you’re meeting up with his parents.

#Magic Moment: Instead of panicking, you confidently agree to meet with his parents, but not before you pass for your blazer in his car: instant cover-up!



8. You’ve been wanting to break with your not-so significant other but you don’t know how.



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#Magic Moment: You decide to meet up for a date where you bump into a close guy friend. You’re accused of cheating and he breaks up with you just like that. You act hurt from the accusation and shed a tear or two just to stop yourself from smiling.



9. An impatient driver behind you keeps honking his horn even though it’s plain that the bumper-to-bumper traffic will not move for hours.


#Magic Moment: Instead of getting pissed, you decide to keep your cool. Traffic karma will get him-true enough, when the traffic starts moving, you hear the car behind you stop and stall.



10. You’re craving for midnight munchies but you’re broke.

#Magic Moment: Feeling hopeful, you open your cupboard to hunt for food and you see a forgotten unopened pack of Magic Flakes Crackers-and yes, it says "Expires 12/2014!"




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