5 Ads That Make Women Feel Beautiful

Being a woman bringing down? Here are 5 videos to make you feel better!

It’s rare we see an ad that does not show women who are stunningly beautiful, attractive and perfect. Appealing as these ads are, studies show that women are adversely affected by what they see on media as early as adolescence. A woman’s self esteem is greatly impacted by seeing these unrealistic expectations of beauty. The result is a shocking statistic: only 7% of Filipinas think they are beautiful.

Dove’s mission is to make every woman look and feel her best, and this is why Dove advocates for #RealBeauty. The brand believes that each ad should not only make women feel good but also help them realize their #RealBeauty.

Take a trip through the 5 most controversial and tear-jerking ads for #RealBeauty.


In the 90’s, Dove made a lot of noise when they showed that the problem of a woman’s insecurity starts at a young age.



This ad made women realize that real beauty is easily seen and much appreciated by others. Shouldn’t we be able to see the beauty in ourselves too?



Selfie? The reality is not all women are comfortable with having their photos taken. They don’t see the beauty in the photo rather, they choose to dwell on the imperfections.


Last year’s most watched ad in social media, this multi-awarded campaign highlights the issue that women are their own worst critic.


If you feel these ads truly help women realize they are more beautiful than they think, then join Dove’s discussion on #RealBeauty today! By sharing your voice, we can grow the 7% of Filipinas who think they're beautiful. Help Dove change this number.

What is your favorite Dove video from our list?


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