UST Nursing student Emman Paul Bonita gambles away allowance, decides to rob taxi driver

Is he a model student or what?

It’s safe to say that the parents of 19-year-old University of Santo Tomas (UST) Nursing student Emman Paul Bonita aren’t exactly proud of him right now. (But they most certainly love him unconditionally despite what he has done.) To begin with, the young man has a gambling habit. In fact, he lost his P3,000 allowance when he signed up to play in an online casino.


Perhaps, afraid that his parents would go ballistic if he told them he lost their hard-earned money, Bonita decided that he’d rob someone, particularly a taxi driver. reports that "on Monday night, March 31, Bonita boarded the taxi driven by Ronaldo Quintero, 37." When the taxi was going through N. Domingo Street in Cubao, Quezon City, Bonita threatened Quintero with a bladed weapon. He was able to get P5,300 from the stunned driver.


Bonita got out of the cab, but Quintero chased him to the intersection of P. Tuazon Boulevard and N. Domingo Street. By then, Bonita’s luck had run out, as two cops on patrol quickly arrested him.



The surreal story doesn’t stop there.


Bonita’s parents showed their love for their son when they begged Quintero not to press any charges against their beloved criminal boy. Much to everyone’s surprise, Quintero agreed not to press any charges. So, Bonita, who had failed both as a gambler and a criminal, was able to get out of jail by Wednesday, April 2.


We’re wondering if UST will do anything to reprimand Bonita for his actions. Many students like him get in trouble, too...but they don’t resort to robbing taxi drivers, do they? (Also, should he still be trusted to be a good nurse? What if he decides to rob someone else next time?)


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