Not cool: #AfterSex selfies are hot right now

Whatever happened to sex videos? (We’re kidding, OK?)

Vanity, they say, is the Devil’s favorite sin. So, we’re pretty sure that the Devil is ecstatic over the latest Instagram-hatched trend called the #AfterSex selfie. It’s lust and vanity in one photo! Not that we’re hooking up with the Morality Police or anything. It’s just that, we do have to draw the line somewhere.


For the record, we adore plain moderation, of course. We just exchange winks with the Devil. We don’t sleep with him. columnist Kelly Conniff explains: "The Internet's latest infatuation is the #AfterSex selfie, which is exactly what it sounds like. In fact, taking a selfie after you've had sex might just be the new post-coital cigarette. (Unless, of course, it's scrolling through your phone to see what you missed while otherwise occupied.)"


We agree with Conniff when she says, "There are social scientists who think that posting selfies can be a healthy exercise for young people who are struggling to express themselves. But #aftersex might be the definition of taking it slightly too far."

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On that note, we also say "No way!" to taking photos of yourselves after "going all the way."


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