World’s Youngest "Attempted Murder" Suspect: 9-month-old Pakistani boy

The poor kid can’t even bathe himself yet!


We Pinoys are bombarded by news of the ridiculous shenanigans of our politicians everyday. This is why it takes an especially crazy subject to surprise us. This month, that iffy honor belongs to this story.


Tomas Jivanda of the Belfast Telegraph explains: "Nine-month-old Pakistani toddler Muhammad Mosa Khan was booked earlier this year along with 30 other people, including a number of members of his family, after stones were allegedly thrown at police and energy officials during raids on homes in Lahore. Residents had been accused of not paying for electricity. Apparently deciding that the nine-month-old was capable of-and had-taken part in the alleged stone throwing, Sub-Inspector Kashif Ahmed decided to arrest the child."


The baby, as well as the rest of the people who were arrested with him, were charged with "planning a murder, threatening police, and interfering with state affairs."


Fortunately for Muhammad, he and his alleged co-cospirators, have been granted bail. The judge had found the charges against them absurd. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the power to dismiss the case. This is why Muhammad and company have to go back to court on April 12.

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