Bayambang, Pangasinan now holds Guinness Record for "World’s Longest Barbecue Grill"

We simply love these world titles, don’t we?


Getting a world record-no matter what it’s for-is always a morale booster.


Liezle Basa Inigo of Tempo reports that during the celebration of Malangsi Fishtival, the town of Bayambang in Pangasinan was able to snag the Guinness Record for the world’s longest barbecue grill.


Seyda Subasi, official Guinness Records adjudicator, confirmed that Bayambang was able to beat the record of Turkey, which was 6.166 kilometers.


Subasi said, "This will be a historical moment now for Bayambang, because I have the honor to announce a new record holder for longest barbecue grill with exactly 8.016 kilometers."


Later on, the people who attended the festival, estimated to number in the hundred thousands, put the record-breaking grill to good use by cooking about 60 tons or equivalent to 112,000 pieces of freshwater fish.

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