Life lesson from Erwan Heussaff: The lack of cutesy couple shots on FB and IG don’t mean a thing

Because, really, why would you rely on public declarations of love?

There are people who declare their love for their partner every chance they get on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and wherever. And then there are people who prefer not to do those things. Both types of people are perfectly fine. But, alas, it seems more people need constant reminders of undying love to believe that two people are still together.


Restauranter Erwan Heussaff had to confirm that, indeed, he and his actress-girlfriend Anne Curtis were still together after the lack of de rigueur twosome-engaging-in-grand-displays-of effection shots on his social media accounts had people saying that he was already single. He announced, "We’re fine."


Check out his follow-up tweets as well:




And here’s that longanisa video.


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