If We Were X-Men: 10 Mutant Powers That Would be Very Useful in Manila

It would be so cool to be Iceman right now.


(SPOT.ph) The new X-Men movie is coming out, and it got us thinking: What if you were the first mutant? Or if not the very first, what if you were the first mutant in Metro Manila? Which ability would you pick, if you could? Rogue's powers might not be useful (whose powers would you take if there were no other mutants around?) and while shape-shifting sounds good, it's just too tempting to use for crime.


We're listing 10 mutant powers that are fit for life here in the city. Which ones do you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!



Control over the weather (Storm)

What's more fun than controlling the weather? If it's a little too hot, just send in the clouds. The real dilemma is whether or not you would use your powers to bring on a deluge to skip work. Sure, it would afford you more time to sleep, but you know...other people? Whose lives would be devastated? Maybe you can be a hero during storm season instead.



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Manipulating water vapor into ice (Iceman)

Perhaps what we really need is just a bit of power over one element: ice. Not only would it make the summer heat, nay, climate change bearable, you could also start a halo-halo business in a cinch.



Controlling electricity (Surge / Bolt)

Goodbye, brownouts! You won't ever have to plug in your phone again! However, you might need to watch out for strange lawsuits from Meralco.





Magnetism (Magneto)

Need a taxi? Literally grab one.



Teleportation (Nightcrawler / Blink)

If you were to end up looking like Nightcrawler, the downside is not that you’d look like Nightcrawler, but that you’d live in a society obsessed with skin whitening. However, you would still get to work on time, all the time. You'd never have to wait for the elevator again. The possibilities, they are endless.


Pass through solid matter / Phasing (Kitty Pryde a.k.a. Shadowcat)

Tired of getting squished in the train? Walk. Through. Crowds.



Organic steel skin (Colossus)

Tired of bothering divine beings with prayers about your safety as you're journeying along EDSA on a bus driven by someone with a death wish? Morph your skin into an armor that can survive a rough tumble. (Also good for deflecting stray buses on sidewalks.)




Telepathy (Emma Frost)

There are a lot of telepaths in the X-Men universe, but we're particularly fond of Emma Frost. She can communicate across global distances. This isn't as good as having the Internet as a super power, but imagine how much you could save by eliminating the need to call or text anyone ever again.




Precise calculation of luck (Longshot)

You're up all night to get lucky? You don't have to wait long. If you had Longshot's ability to weigh the odds, you'd save yourself the trouble and go to bed. But more importantly, this mutant power would stop you from getting into a bus that might crash, or alert you against a mugger disguised as a cabbie.




All the powers (Onslaught)

Rage building up because of all the incompetence and corruption you hear about in the news? Let it all out and use your superhuman strength to physically do something about it...or heck, just alter reality to your liking. Hello, escapism!

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