10 Questionable Hairstyles From the 1980s

We liked it big, bold, and fried back then!


(SPOT.ph) Hair back in the 1980s is best described as huge and eccentric. The bigger and crazier your hair, the better (as opposed to today’s obsession with sleek, straight locks). Chemical treatments were all the rage in the ’80s, from shockingly kinky perms to striking hair dyes. Styling was key with each ’do, requiring a ton of hairspray and mousse for maximum volume. And let’s not forget the scrunchies and sweatbands, the staple hair accessories of the decade.


As we enjoy styling our relatively healthier (i.e. less fried) hair these days, let's look back at some questionable hairstyles from the decade that brought us the Walkman, Pac-Man, and those Jane Fonda workout videos.



The Poufy Bangs

Bangs of the ’80s defied gravity. It didn't matter how much hairspray you used as long as that fringe stayed standing from day to night. The non-functional style seems to serve no purpose other than, er, aesthetics.



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The Ultra-curly Perm

The monstrous perm was lovable in the ’80s. Looking like being eaten alive by evil kinky locks was the ultimate trend, and everyone embraced frizz like it was heaven sent. It was a classic case of "so bad it's actually good."




The Crimped Hair

Crimping is basically adding questionable crinkles to otherwise already fine straight hair. The result can only be one of two things-totally right or unforgivably wrong.





The Teased Locks

Seems everybody religiously teased his or her hair in the ’80s whether it was straight or permed. Teasing was the basic styling technique used to achieve ridiculously humongous fringe back then. That and more hairspray.



The Mullet

Believe it or not, the mullet was hip in the ’80s. The cut, short in front and sides and long at the back, was neither considered a bad decision or a source of utter embarrassment. Hence the expression, "Business in the front, party in the back!"




The Hi-top Fade

In the hip-hop scene of the ’80s, the hi-top fade, sometimes simply referred to as the flattop, was a hot trend. We're still trying to figure out why.




The Outrageous Dye

Rich and striking shades of red were the common choice for hair color back then, with bright pink and blue as alternatives. Obviously, subtlety was not in the ’80s vocabulary. These days it seems to be coming back in shades of purple or grey.




’80s Punk

Among those who loved outrageous hair colors were the punks of the ’80s. They also popularized the spike, mohawk, and shaved hair sections. We'd love to know how much they spent on products just to keep their hair sticking up.




The Scrunchies and Side Ponies

A side ponytail with a cutesy scrunchy is adorable, yes, but it’s hard to be taken seriously when there’s hair sticking out from the side of your head. We think we'll reserve this hairstyle for indoor activities.





The Sweatbands

Sweatbands were another favorite in the ’80s and were the top choice to accentuate big hair. We don't see the point in wearing them outside the gym or the court...unless maybe you’re Erap and want to pair something with your wristband.

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