Top 10 Hottest Players in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Some players we’d wanna score with.


( Defending champs, Spain, is out, but not all is lost. You may be loyal to one football club, but admit it: no matter what team you’re rooting for, there are a lot of good-looking lads on the field. Thank goodness the FIFA World Cup only comes around every four years. This much eye candy and beefcake is bad for our health. We picked the 10 most gorgeous faces across the green. How about you, Spotters? Who’s on your list?



10. Frank Lampard (England)

An otherwise cute pout never looked so hot. Most mere mortals would look pretty weird doing this face, but this midfielder is pulling it off (and looking extremely delicious too).




9. Jan Vertonghen (Belgium)

Belgium is famous for their chocolate, but now we know their men are just as yummy. Proof? Just look at this beautiful 27-year-old defender.


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8. Gerard Pique (Spain)

We’re very much aware that Shakira’s hips don’t lie, but her man’s hips? They’re honest-to-goodness perfection. Playing center back for FC Barcelona and one-half of one of the hottest couples to ever walk this planet, Pique is just effortless at being dreamy. Muy caliente indeed!




7. Joe Hart (England)

When he’s not playing goalkeeper, Hart is the face of Hugo Boss. This hunky blonde makes sure the game doesn’t get in the way of looking (and smelling) good. He reportedly has his dressing room stocked with face moisturizer, deodorant, fragrance, and hair product. He’s a tad high maintenance, but we appreciate the results. Hygiene is a definite bonus!



6. Gabriel Achilier (Ecuador)

Ecuador’s defender isn’t limited to one position on the field. His versatility landed him a five-year contract with Club Sport Emelec, but it’s his steamy smolder landed him a spot on this list.



5. Gokhan Inler (Switzerland)

Those sculpted features were handcrafted by some divine presence. We swoop when Gokhan makes hitting a goal look so easy (and sexy). And when the camera zooms to a close-up, we just can’t help but swoon at those picture-perfect cheekbones.




4. Olivier Giroud (France)

Ooh la la! Known for his shot power and link-up plays, we just can't help but marvel at the beauty of this striker from the Paris. This style icon is also sometimes referred to as "the French Beckham." We can’t pick who’s cuter, but this French heartthrob is definitely stunning.




3. Mathew Leckie (Australia)

At 23, this bearded baby-faced cutie is one of the younger players of the World Cup, and his star is just getting brighter and brighter. Even Leckie found himself surprised by how talented he is, admitting it was "a little bit" of a shock that things are going so well. Humble and adorable.



2. Claudio Marchisio (Italy)

It’s hard to look at the ball when you have this hottie running around. Italy’s midfielder is affectionately called Il Principino ("The Little Prince"), and those head-turning features are definitely royalty material. But don’t let us get in the way. If you want to see more this gorgeous, blue-eyed footballer, check out his Instagram, where he’s generous with selfies (along with his adorable kids).




1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

One of the sport’s finest players (in skill and in looks) recently debuted a new look-a jagged line shaved on the side of his head. Sure it’s cool, but it’s also a tribute to a 10-month-old who had to undergo brain surgery, which Ronaldo paid for. He has brawny (and amazing) muscles, sure, but the biggest one is definitely his heart? Now that’s hot.

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