It’s happening this week: Archie Andrews’ death is imminent!

Fret not, his teenage self will live on in other Archie titles!

We say goodbye to a formative part of a childhood. Comic book character Archie Andrews is scheduled to "die" this week, as we’ve reported in an earlier feed.


More information on his death has been revealed and we now know that in the latest issue of Life with Archie, the famous redhead takes a bullet for newly-elected Senator Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character in the comic. Archie will die at the ripe old age of, um, 73?


"The Death of Archie is the biggest story in Archie Comics history-and a major milestone for comics, period," said Archie Comics publisher Jon Goldwater.


"Archie dies as he lived-a hero, representing the best in all of us," added the co-chairman of the comics. "The fact that he's saving a metaphor for the rebirth this company has experienced over the last five years. This is truly a new Archie Comics: unafraid, daring, progressive and on the cusp of greatness."


The issue after his death jumps a year forward, revealing the lives of those he left behind.


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