Anne Curtis among best Gobbledygook users on Twitter

Gobbledygook is synonymous to gibberish, in case you wanted to know

According to a list published by TIME, the Fil-Aussie actress Anne Curtis is the 28th "smartest" celebrity on Twitter. The ranking is based on the Simple Measure of Gobbledygook (SMOG-and no, we’re not making that up), which measures "the number of three syllable words used in a text to calculate the years of education required to understand it."


Put simply, they ran a test on all the tweets, picked out big words (like "conservation"), and calculated the reading level required to understand those words. Based on the SMOG, Anne Curtis tweets like a 6th grader. The "smartest" person on the list, Leonardo DiCaprio, dishes out 140-character updates like a 7th grader.


The Top 10 "Smartest" Celebs on Twitter are:


  1. Leonardo DiCaprio
  2. Pattie Mallette
  3. Jimmy Kimmel
  4. Ludacris
  5. Green Day
  6. Samuel L. Jackson
  7. Usher Raymond IV
  8. JWOWW
  9. Wyclef Jean
  10. Jessie J



Paolo Coelho is 15th and JK Rowling is 32nd. You can run the test on your own account here.


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