10 Things That Kids Are Saying Online These Days



(SPOT.ph) Still trying to catch up on netspeak? Sure, you’ve mastered the ways of "I can has" and you definitely know that "LOL" does not mean "lots of love," but language changes every day and language on the Internet changes even faster. Memes like Forever Alone or "I took an arrow in the knee" fall just as fast as they rise (by the way, it’s pronounced "meem" and not "meh-meh"). So, here’s what we hope will be a helpful guide to what kids are saying on the line and what they really mean.


1. Bae

What it means: "Before Anyone Else" or "babe," "baby"

How to use in a sentence: "I miss you, bae." Or upon seeing a video of Channing Tatum dancing, "What a bae."




2. #trash

What it means: This is so awful and terrible, no one deserves this.

How to use in a sentence: "I’m eating cold, three day-old pizza at two in the morning. #trash"



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3. 10000%

What it means: The situation is extreme and emotions are so high that mathematical rules do not apply to how much you care about something. You can use as many zeros as you want. The more zeros, the more feels*.

How to use in a sentence: "That episode of Game of Thrones was so heartbreaking. I am 10000% done with this show."

*see item 10




4. 5ever

What it means: An altnerative to 4ever ("forever"). Use only in extreme cases. For even more extreme cases, you may use bigger numbers (e.g., "9ever")

How to use in a sentence: "I could eat pizza 5ever."



5. Table flipping (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

What it means: The use of this text-based emoticon is to denote extreme emotions, usually the negative kind, like anger or disappointment.

How to use in a sentence: "My phone’s battery life is down to 2% and I’m stuck in traffic.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻"



6. Keyboard smash

What it means: You’re so overwhelmed that typing coherently has become physically impossible. Typically useful when arguing online.

How to use in a sentence: "They killed off [this character] in [this show]."

"OMG alksdjfasl;gjlasdgkldg no."



7. KMS (Kill Myself)

What it means: It does not literally mean to state the fact that you’re dead by your own hand. It’s just that you’re so moved, you might as well be.

How to use in a sentence: "I’ve been stuck in traffic for two hours. KMS."




8. Trigger Warning/Content Warning (TW/CW)

What it means: Kids are all about being politically correct these days and they don’t want to cause any offense online, so with nearly every blog post and every tweet comes a warning that their contents may trigger something negative in certain readers.

How to use in a sentence: "Trigger warning: violence." or "Content warning: spiders."


9. "I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now."

What it means: Lighten up. It can be used for just about any and every situation. Even when people are growing tired of you saying it.

How to use in a sentence: "Can I have your last french fry?"

"I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now."


10. Feels

What it means: Feelings and emotions, usually of the positive or tear-jerking kind.

How to use in a sentence: When a non-working holiday is announced...

"So many feels."



10 Things That Kids Are Saying These Days and What They Really Mean

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