WATCH: A typewriter amazes kids who’ve never seen one before

Today in more things that will make you feel old.



For many of us older folk, the humble typewriter is a symbol of simpler times. For children born after the year 2000, it’s an unfamiliar contraption. A video from TheFineBros’ series "Kids React To" showed young ones aged six to 13 being utterly fascinated by the venerable machine.


When asked what an "ancient" typewriter was, a 13-year-old boy answered, "It types and prints at the same time."


"It is basically like a computer except it doesn’t have a screen. All you do is type out messages," said another. Close enough.


After trying it out for themselves, the kids had some entertaining things to say. "It takes a very long time to write these things because once you try to type fast, you just can’t do it because there’s too many and it collides," commented one boy.


"I’d rather write, actually," admitted another kid.

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When they were told that they needed to use a whiteout to erase typos, one exclaimed, "That’s horrible!"


Kids these days.


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