PHOTOS: UP Pride March 2014

Ibandila ang kulay ng pag-asa!

( Prior to the actual event, the UP Pep Squad were on the steps of Quezon Hall, doing a step-by-step tutorial for the attendees of the UP Pride March at the University of the Philippines (Diliman) on Friday, September 26. The official chant starts with two counts from the snare drum and it involves the Tagalog word for rainbow, bahaghari. The gestures aren’t tricky, but it’s hard to recall all the parts when you only have around 10 minutes to master it. Still, the crowd eagerly participated and rainbow flags were waved so freely, it’s easy to forget why we must keep doing it.


Several countries have made a progressive leap by legalizing same-sex marriage but in a handful of others, homosexuality is a crime. A crime. We admire the bravery of celebrities who choose to share their sexual preference, mostly to show solidarity with other members of the LGBT community, coming out takes an extra dose of courage for ordinary people.


UP Babaylan, the University Student Council (USC) in partnership with various other organizations marched loud and proud around the academic oval with Ganda Filipinas, the Filipino Freethinkers, the Quezon City Pride Council, and the Metropolitan Community Churches. Rainbow flags of fabric and paper were everywhere and holding them up were people fighting to end discrimination-worth more than their weight in gold.


Quezon Hall, bright with the colors of the rainbow


Various calls for gender equality. Plus: rainbow sheep!


The adorable pro-equality boys (and one cute female) of The Filipino Freethinkers.


Rainbow flag!


The UP Pep Squad chanting for equality


The drums leading the parade


Proud in any weather


Basic human rights


Cutest Pride March attendee!


Fighting for human rights with style


The MCC joins the march. ("Born This Way" makes an appearance. Lady Gaga would be so proud.)


Yes, those are condom balloons


Fancy fans. We want one.


This is UP after all, so here’s a gentle reminder that this fight is not isolated from all the other ills of society


Anti-Discrimination Bill: Ipasa Now Na!

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