25 Men Who are Already Feminists

Tom Hiddleston, Ryan Gosling, Logan Lerman, and more men who are self-declared feminists


(SPOT.ph) Today is a good day to admit that you are a feminist or start exploring the possibility of becoming one. Yesterday was actually a great day to become a feminist, too. A decade ago was actually a really awesome time to start fighting for gender equality. If you’re not catching the drift: it is always a good time to be a feminist.


Long before "Harry Potter girl" Emma Watson championed the He for She Campaign, countless other (less famous) people were already advocating that women should have the same social and political rights as men.


Here’s a list that will restore your faith in humanity and maybe motivate you to keep being a decent human being.


Check out the He for She campaign through their official website and Facebook page...but you can also start by respecting yourself and other people.

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