10 Snack Foods We Still Miss

Like bubble gum ice cream, a larger serving of apple pie, and alphabet soup


(SPOT.ph) We all miss the good ol’ days when an afternoon playing patintero or hide and seek was enough to fill our days. Top it off with a refreshing drink or popsicle stick and you were good to go! Sadly, there’s nothing quite like the food and drinks we enjoyed as kids nowadays, so we’ve made a list of things that will take you right down memory lane. Now, if only we could bring these babies back!


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1. Magnolia Chocolait

We know that similar Chocolait drinks are on the market these days, but any similarities would be purely technical. There's still nothing quite like the good ol’ Magnolia Chocolait that used to come in mini glass bottles. First of all, the milk was actual fresh milk and not some UHT processed drink-so you got a dose of real cow juice freshness with every gulp. The Chocolait part came with real chocolate syrup that sank to the bottom, so you would have to shake your bottle really well to even out the flavors. Also, as the milk was fresh, it needed to be refrigerated, so you'd feel the chilly temperature as soon as the glass bottle touched your lips. The paper lid and cap would always get a little soggy when we tried to pull them off, but there was nothing more satisfying than hearing the trademark pop once you succeeded.




2. Royco Alphabet Soup

Can you spell nostalgia? The Royco Alphabet Soup of our childhood took just minutes to prepare, but so much longer to consume as we tried to spell two- to three-letter words with each bowlful. Some of us formed the words on our spoons, others laid all the letters on out on their plates, and while the rest just played Scrabble as the noodle letters floated in the yellow chicken soup along with bits of freeze-dried "ground chicken", "carrots", and some other green "vegetable."



3. Coney Island Bubble Gum Ice Cream

We all miss the red, white, and blue carousel logo of Coney Island Ice Cream-especially when it was still a specialty scooping station because visits here always meant that we were in for a real treat. And the baby pink bubble gum flavor is one that sticks out in almost everyone's minds. The sweet bubble gummy flavor, the whiff of a real bubble gum scent-and the jackpot: if you were fortunate enough to get an actual bubble gum piece (that looked like a Chiclet) in your scoop!



4. Hi-C Juice Drinks

The Hi-C juice drinks that came in rectangular tetra packs with thin, pointed, white straws were all yummy sweet drinks, but Apple was a stand-out flavor as it was the only one of its kind. The green striped package had the illustration of a red apple on it, and the juice drink tasted like a real live sweet apple. "Of course!" some might say. "Isn't that what it's supposed to taste like?" But the thing is, real apple juice extracted from fresh apples is amber colored and a little on the sour side (like Mott's apple juice). The Hi-C Apple juice drink version played to our young Pinoy palates and found its way into our lunchboxes, and our memories.




5. Magnolia "upside down" popsicle

The curious thing about this Magnolia Frozen Delight is that no one could agree on what it was called, nor did anyone seem to know its official name. Some people called it "upside down," others called it "up-down," "down-up," or simply "icicle." But the point is, we all knew what we were referring to, as did the mamang sorbetero: the single popsicle stick that looked like a flat rocket, that was yellow on top, and orange on the bottom. The yellow portion took about 2/3 of the popsicle and was pineapple-flavored. It was yummy but we all couldn't wait to get to the orange-flavored bottom. We had to do it really quickly, too, since it seemed to melt faster than other frozen treats and it was also extra sticky.



6. Carol Ann’s Potato Chips

There's something that's just so classic about Carol Ann's Potato Chips. Perhaps it was how unadulterated these chips were. They were simple chips that stayed true to their potato goodness, thinly sliced, and cooked to crisp perfection. They came in salted, barbecue, and cheese flavors, but what made these chips even more tempting was the fact that they came in clear plastic packaging that was see-through, save for the tab on top that had the yellow and red label. The clear packaging was also air tight to save the delicate chips from getting crushed, so one had to either puncture the air-filled bag and let it hiss out slowly or cut the top corner with care. If you were sloppy and accidentally jabbed at the bag, all the chips would burst out like candy from a piñata.




7. Full-sized McDonald’s Apple Pie

McDonald’s Apple Pies first came to our shores in the early 80s, when real apples were hard to come by. So much so that a rumor circulated saying that the pies were actually made with sayote! But that never stopped us. We devoured these crisp, flakey desserts, always careful to not let all the sweet apple filling to ooze out. And if we got the chance, we had it with our favorite sundae on the side. And while McDonald’s still serves up this dessert, it breaks our hearts to see how much they've shrunk in size, serving up a few tiny bites instead of real mouthfuls. Was it that our immature hands were so much tinier way back when? We don't think so. Please Ronald, do something!!



8. Chiclets Gum

This candy-coated gum came in different colors and flavors but the one we remember the most are the white, peppermint-flavored ones that came in bright yellow cardboard packaging (remember when you’d flatten it and turn it into a whistle?). The name stuck with all of us so much that all other chewing gum brands were always called "Chiclets" (even if they obviously weren’t). Although they’re still sold in some countries and even online these days, these handy packs are now much harder to find.



9. Serg’s Chocolate Bars

A cheaper alternative to the Hershey's chocolate bars, Serg's was every Pinoy kid's sweet, slightly chewy (or at least, chewier than a chocolate bar should be), bigger-than-Curly Tops treat. A quick search online reveals a recent (failed) attempt to bring these local chocolates back, but hurray for nostalgia! Apart from their chocolate bars, Serg’s also had a line of cocoa products and smaller chocolate candy that we couldn’t get enough of.



10. Brown Cow Chocolate Syrup

It was like magic-just squeeze a little bit into milk and you had a glass of chocolate milk in an instant! We won't even go into the secret, kind-of-gross things we used to do (or were tempted to do) with it. Like, say, drizzle it over Chiz Curls or squeeze it straight into our mouths. (Told you it was kind of gross.)



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