Smackdown: DILG Secretary Mar Roxas vs. Vice President Jejomar Binay

Who gets your vote?


( Survey says that (aside from Senator Grace Poe, who said she won’t run) Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas and Vice President Jejomar Binay are the top contenders for the National Elections in 2016. What that says about our country, we can’t really say.


What we do know is that with accusations escalating at an exponential rate, we’re going to need a chart...a table...a guide of some sort to help make sense of the news. And, oh, what do we have here?


It’s a smackdown!


DILG Secretary Mar Roxas Vice President Jejomar Binay
Lifestyle Check Had a breakdown at the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club and was subsequently suspended. (He turned it into a positive by saying "I understand. I am not above the law.")

Was accused of owning a 350-hectare "hacienda" in Batangas, but businessman Antonio Tiu stepped forward to claim ownership. Vice President Binay has also been accused of having shares in the Manila Polo Club, which he also denies.

How’s the missus? Korina Sanchez famously had a fight with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper late 2013. Sanchez didn’t approve of Cooper’s indirect criticism of her husband’s work while Cooper didn’t like that she was commenting on Tacloban as though she was there. She’s still on TV almost every day though.

Former Makati Mayor Elenita Binay’s name was dragged into the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee hearing, when Heidi Mendoza brought up allegedly overpriced medical equipment bought for the Ospital ng Makati.


The Binay camp pointed out that Mendoza’s findings were discredited in 2011.

Future plans? As of this writing, Secretary Roxas has made no "official" announcements regarding 2016. However, very few people believe he doesn’t want to run for president. If there were aliens in Mars, even they would have heard about Vice President Jejomar Binay’s plans.
Strangest quote "You have to understand, you’re a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino." 

The quote was later given context when the longer version of the meeting in Tacloban with Mayor Alfred Romualdez came out: "You have to understand you are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino. He has to be very careful. The national government, we have to be very careful just taking over because the President does not want to be misconstrued na nangaagaw ng kapangyarihan."

"Tigilan natin ang pagsisinungaling. Humarap tayo sa malinis at patas na halalan."


It’s a noble call, but it’s 2014. Five more minutes, mom.

Internet creds After P-Noy’s most recent SONA, a video of Secretary Roxas doing traffic enforcer duties circulated...and then it became a meme. The clip turns out to be dated, but he still sort of went viral. 
Vice President Binay has yet to become a successful meme.
Iffy nicknames Dubbed "Boy pick-up" by Senator Bong Revilla. (Other known aliases:  Mr. Palengke and Boy Daldal) He’s allegedly the "nognog" in "Oplan Stop Nognog 2016"
P-Noy approved? Not yet? (Asked if Secretary Roxas was seeking his endorsement, P-Noy was quick to say no.) Liberal Party representatives say that there is "zero chance" that P-Noy will endorse Binay.
Recent pogi points Sacking top police officials in an effort to fight corruption. (He’s hands-off with PNP Chief Alan Purisima’s case though.) Postponed speech to visit typhoon-hit provinces. (Even with good weather, Vice President Binay continues to avoid making an appearance on the Senate floor.)
Main enemy

Probably Vice President Jejomar Binay. And his own gaffes.

(Do you remember him as former president Estrada’s Trade and Industry Secretary? He resigned...and was re-appointed by former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo...then he resigned again.)

His former vice mayor, Ernesto Mercado. Senator Sonny Trillanes. He believes Secretary Mar Roxas is out to get him. Senator Miriam Santiago recently said he could be impeached.
Thoughts on ratings? "Just doing my job."
"Still most trusted."


Winner: The road is long and there are many minutes between today and election day. With the way things are going, we wouldn’t be surprised if both Secretary Roxas and Vice President Binay get ditched for a "cleaner" candidate.



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