They did it: artisanal ice now available in Washington D.C.

Pairs well with handcrafted beverages

In Washington D.C., you can now enjoy your drink with some "hand-cut" rocks thanks to the likes of Joe Ambrose, founder of Favourite Ice. Ambrose is just one of several business owners venturing into previously uncharted "fancy ice" territory.


"If you’re gonna get a drink that’s $15, it better have the best ice," says Ambrose. The "best" ice in this case is crystal-clear ice, produced by filtering water and putting it inside the same machine used to make ice sculptures. Blocks of ice are churned out and is then cut using a band saw.


Aside from superficial differences, artisanal ice also melts slower compared to regular ice. "The problem with lots of small ice cubes is that in 10 to 15 minutes, your drink tastes like watered-down booze-it doesn’t taste how it’s supposed to taste anymore."


A few hotel owners told Ambrose that some patrons get upset when the bar runs out of artisanal ice. To this he said, "I’m like, it’s just ice, bro."


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