10 Six-word Commentaries on Local Public Service Announcements

Some random observations on important life lessons from "bobo" boy, Derek Ramsay, and more.


(SPOT.ph) Don’t get us wrong; we know how important public service announcements (PSAs) are. We’re certainly aware of their good intentions, however lengthy or annoying the execution may be. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to check out 10 super helpful videos...matched with our stray observations, of course.



1. Anti-Camcording

How’d the camera get in there?



2. "Malabo ’Yan"

Takes way too long to finish.


3. "Runway" safety ad by Ayala Cinemas

The guard will cause a stampede.



4. The MPA’s "No to Piracy" ad

Yung hindi pwedeng i-fast-forward sa VCD.




5. MTRCB film ratings infomercial

Manyak tatay at nakakainis na balloon.



6. Dumb Ways to Vote

Play on a loop until 2016.



7. Anti-Piracy...the Derek Ramsay version

Guys, sobrang importante talaga yung kamatis.


8. 40th Metro Manila Film Festival

Mataas ang budget para sa wardrobe.



9. Hand Washing PSA by the Department of Health

Sing songs to maintain your hygiene.



10. Anti-Teen Pregnancy by the Department of Health

Shouldn’t have said "gaga" or "bobo."

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