Windowless planes could be a reality (in 10 years)

Does this change your mind about aisle seats?


Is flying (in an aircraft) a claustrophobic experience for you? If the answer is yes, the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) is looking into replacing the tiny windows with really, really big ones. About the size of the entire cabin.



The window panes are actually "high quality flexible displays" or video display panels, which sources its feed from "wide-angle panoramic camera arrays arranged along the fuselage." The end result leads to "uninterupted 360 degree views." CPI’s promo video shows the plane surrounded by clouds, but one has to wonder what this looks like during more turbulent times and when the air traffic is bad.



The windows also double as an enormous tablet for in-flight services. CPI aims to widen the seats and reduce CO2 emmissions for these new planes.


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