Yoga makes you susceptible to demonic possession says an exorcist of the Archdiocese of Manila

Is that why possessed people become contortionists?

If you don’t want to be the star of the next "based on true events" demonic possession thriller, skip your next yoga class. According to Monsignor Jay Bandojo, "When you practice yoga, you are told to 'empty your mind' while saying 'om,' so you can feel relaxed. But when you empty yourself, you're opening yourself to possession."


As reported by the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Saturday, here are few more things to avoid if you don’t want to have the Regan experience (see: The Exorcist), according to the Monsignor during a talk in Intramuros:


1. Yoga

2. Feng shui

3. Spirit of the glass

4. Obtaining hidden knowledge (through masonry, the Illuminati, Scientology, and fraternities)

5. "The sin of omission and sin of commission," or, as Monsignor Bandojo explained, "You sin because you are doing what is not good, and you sin because you did not do what is good."

6. Cursing / swearing


7. Being in a state of shock or trauma


Monsignor Bandojo further recommended that people use rosaries, prayer books, scapulars, and crucifixes...but don’t use these as amulets. They don’t work if you are open to influences and they are only effective if you’re in "sanctifying grace."


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