10 Types of Chatmates You Meet Online

Which one are you?


What online chat used to be ten years ago is significantly different from what it is now. The jerks, pervs, creeps and other lowlives are still there but these days, the portability of devices that we use for chatting (yeah, try lugging a desktop computer around with all of its peripherals) has made it an integral part of our lives, creating a new digital space for social interaction. Indeed, while online chatting before has been reserved solely for separated families, long distance lovers and just plain con-artists looking for victims online, these days, almost everyone has had an experience chatting online. Some positive, some a bit negative while most are just, well, chatting.


If you’re a regular denizen of chatrooms or of chat/messaging apps, we’re pretty sure that you’ve somehow met personalities that are almost comical to the effect that you know you’ve met someone with that personality before, in another chatroom, in another chat app perhaps. Recurring characters, eh? We saved you the trouble of actually classifying them...here are ten of the most common chatmates that you’ll find online:



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1. The Sticker Addict

It's a guilty pleasure. You're so amused by stickers and it seems like you can't get enough. You've perfected the art of choosing the right sticker to communicate every emotion possible. A person of few words, you let the stickers do all the talking.




2. The Expat

Chatting is your sole means of communication with everyone from home so you're always checking online. You're constantly sending photos and videos of your new home, and get sentimental chatting with friends every so often.



3. The Listener

All your friends know you will respond immediately when they need to rant about work or their love life. When they're bored, they'll drop you a line and you're always free to talk.




4. The Viral Guy

Nope, you’re not diseased. Your sharing instinct, though, that might be sick. You’re always the first to share to a group the latest viral video making rounds on the Internet. Cute baby videos, funny cats, or some that #NSFW-you've got them all.




5. The Never Online Friend

The instances that your friends actually saw you online is rarer than a pink unicorn. You've turned off your notification setting because you can't keep up with the 100 plus alerts you receive everyday. Besides, it’s hard to stalk your crush if a notif pops up every once in a while, right?




6. The Me-Me-Me

Let’s talk about the most wonderful thing to ever exist on Earth other than front-facing cameras: YOU! Why talk about trivial stuff that doesn’t involve you? And those people that blocked you or don’t speak to you anymore? They’re just jealous b*tches.



7. The Lurker


Alright, we get it, you’re a man (or woman) of few words, even fewer online. You’re always a part of groups but you rarely reply and the only indication of your presence is the really awful "seen by" notif from Facebook. But we got to hand it to you, when the barkada finally meets in flesh and blood (after so many FO threats to those KJs making excuses not to come...), you’re surprisingly, er, suspiciously updated with all the chismis.




8. The Business Minded

Sorry not sorry but these chatrooms are a great way to make public announcements or promotions for free. You figure hey, it's shameless but it's harmless too. What’s bad is when you decide to actually try to message someone you’ve never talked to in like, forever, just to convince him/her to join your business venture.




9. The Smooth Operator

You'd rather chat instead of text when you talk to girls because you can catch them online when they're available, and identify if she's already "seen" your messages.



10. The Chismosa

Chatting for you has become a great way to spread the latest and juiciest tsismis.






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