Jurassic World trailer has savvy advice for you should you encounter a dinosaur




Life was much simpler when Jurassic Park came out and thus, a whole generation was mesmerized when a T-Rex appeared onscreen. Now we know that the Tyrannosaurus rex probably had feathers. We now also live in a world where entire worlds can be conjured up by CGI...so the people behind the newest reincarnation of the franchise need to come up with an actual story. Otherwise they would be, well, Jurassic.


The new trailer, released late Tuesday night, features a shark being fed to a dinosaur that sort of looks like a crocodile but acts like a show dolphin. That seemed interesting. Chris Pratt is also in the movie, doing what Jeff Goldblum used to do. Isla Nublar now has a functioning dinosaur-infested theme park but the novelty is beginning to wear off. Obviously, an accident will happen after the park administrators decide to do something to boost the sales.


Jurassic World will hit theaters in June 2015.

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