Best of Random Photos 2014: 35 Best Spelling Fails

Keep sending these awesome photos, Spotters!

( If you’re happy and you know it...share it! We spent a year giving you a full dose of random every week and we’re looking forward to more funnies in the future. To celebrate a great year of randomness, here are 35 of the best spelling fails spotted in and out of the city.


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Gotcha. Spotted by Diana Marie Avenido



Right, we totally got that. Spotted by Grego Franco



We are indeed keeping our distance.



That’s a very smart phone. Spotted by Roxanne Aquino



No thanks.



Sailing fan in limited quanities, but if you call now, we’ll make sure one is delivered to your room in the middle of the night-ready to chat you up about everything boats. Spotted by Maynee Pascual



This makes us nervous. Spotted by Yns Chang



Gambler love. Spotted by Jen Gomez


So morantic! Spotted by Bloom Esplana



Trush: A settlement in the Bërdicë municipality in Albania. Spotted by Anj


This is where you sign up before you go to a Laborareal. Spotted by Jethro Paduga


Again: No thanks! Spotted by Miko Llorca



Buy oil, get pork. Good deal. Spotted by Mechelle Candava



Technically, Bakyom is an acceptable term of vacuum in Visayan languages. But still: Hehehe. Spotted by Candy dela Peña




Buckle up. This’ll be wild. Spotted by Cath King


Smooking kills your spelling skills. Spotted by Hannah Tria



Must present authentic sewing kit upon parking.

So many partys, so little time to check what’s on the poster! Spotted by Nikki Ng



In this version, they get married instantly because they realize ain’t nobody got time for needless drama. Spotted by Abz Matolo



We’ll take your word for it. Spotted by Rory Mabangis



Stop paking, you guys. Very incoveniece. Spotted by Lester Mark Leonida



He obviously meant ’tol box. The box for bros! Spotted by Raynielle Santiago



Spotted by Neil Samonte



What the hell is that brown stain? Spotted by Ice Cerdena



Perfect. Spotted by Ervin Sollesta



This beef is mature. We are not. Spotted by Randyl Maclimot



Keep away from scissors. Spotted by Sherlouie Sioteco



Spotted by Jowel Abadecio


Spotted by Ryan M. Quizon

The following pictures depict people’s continuing attempt to get "close" the right way:






Spotted by Jennifer Takuzu



Spotted by Denise Barrameda



Spotted by Maria Emilce D. Rodriguez



Spotted by Charm Medina-Fesarit



Got something funny to submit? E-mail us at and we’ll gladly share it. Don’t forget to add photo credits!

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