10 #MagpakatotooKa Moments in Restaurants That Every Filipino Can Relate To

Sometimes, you can’t just enjoy the food.

Eating in a restaurant is not rocket science. Indeed, other than the ridiculously long list of utensils that you have to use properly in fancy restos and the cat-and-mouse game customers play with servers, there's really nothing to worry about.


Well, except for some instances that will force you to either continue the charade and act like nothing’s wrong or admit to something embarrassing. Take for example the following #MagpakatotooKa moments inside a restaurant. If you’re in the same situation, how would you react? Magpapakatotoo ka ba or not?


10. You're dressed like the servers

To blend in, you wore your suit and tie for the first time. And you blended in perfectly - with the waiters, that is. That's okay but don't walk around too often, chances are someone might call you for their order or ask for the bill.


9. You have no idea how to use chopsticks while in a Japanese restaurant

It's actually not a bad idea to ask for a spoon and fork from a server if you have no idea how to use the chopsticks to put that gyoza from point A (the plate) to point B (your mouth).


8. You already ordered while in the wrong restaurant

You reserved the longest table and ordered ahead the group meal just to surprise your friends. After some time, the food you ordered is served. As you're about to take your first bite, your friends call, telling you that the food they ordered is getting cold because they've been waiting for you.



7. After dining alone, you realize you're short on cash

You can actually inform the server about this predicament or ask them if you can use your debit card to pay. However, the awkwardness or embarrassment might be too much that after paying your due, you tell yourself never to go back to that place.


6. The items on the menu are all impossible to pronounce

Come to think of it, you can ask the servers anything about the restaurant or the food. However, asking about what goes best with Sauvignon Blanc is quite different from asking the same server how to pronounce, say for example, a soufflé. Perhaps you can try non-verbal communication when ordering?

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5. You've already left the restaurant and realize you haven't paid

You were already outside when you noticed you forgot to pay and that no one from the restaurant was chasing you. Should you go back or walk faster? Face possible humiliation or prison time?


4. While dining out with your current girlfriend, you see your ex at the next table

The awkwardness is sure to kill you especially if your breakup was a messy one. You can't focus because you know something dreadful is about to happen. Or maybe it's not going to happen. You don't really know, and that's the hardest part.


3. For a dinner date you promised to pay for, your date brings along her family

You show her you're the man by promising to pay for the date. But lo and behold, she brings the entire family over. And nope, you're not one to ask your date to chip in.



2. When you and your friends hesitate getting the last piece of pizza

It's like a stand-off, all of you glancing at the last piece of pizza on the table. Everyone wants it but no one is willing to admit it. Every small move one makes is countered by another as the prize pizza gets colder by the second.


1. The food you ordered is super spicy

Well, it's their bestseller so it must be phenomenal. Phenomenally spicy, that is. You start sweating after each bite and your face turns red. What would you do? Man up and eat more? Or turn to the cold glass of Sprite to your left for deliverance?




If you find yourself in any of these tight spots (pun intended) or sticky situations, just remember Sprite's mantra before you take action: #MagpakatotooKa!


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