When your best asset isn’t your face: Belfie Sticks

The selfie sticks for butt selfies.


(SPOT.ph.) Got the bounce on the back that you want to share with your friends (and the world)? You don’t need to hurt yourself trying to stick your butt out and twist your torso to get that perfect angle. Sooner or later, the Belfie Stick is probably going to reach our shores-through shipping or some knockoff replica from our friendly neighborhood manufacturers from China, Malaysia, or Vietnam.


We chanced upon this article by TIME Magazine, spreading the good word about the invention of the Belfie Stick. The device, the report said, is from the a photo-based social media site On. We suppose it’s like Instagram, but with even more people who promote their peaches. Everything’s been done on the frontline-cleavage, side boob, under boob, mesh and pasties, and twins day out-so it only seems fair to have a trunk show, right? You can just swipe left if you’re not into the junk.


All those predictions people made about this century-flying cars, hoverboards, universal health care-this is what we’ve achieved. A stick for the "boom that shakes the room." Those supernatural beings in control of our fates sure do move in mysterious ways.


For more on this story, log on to TIME.com.

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