A Holy Invasion: Papal Goods Inspired by Pope Francis’ Visit

Merchandise that make us want to meditate


(SPOT.ph) All of the cool things he does aside, we think it helps that Pope Francis has that face. The kind of face that just invites adoration. We’d say cute or something of the sort, but it seems inappropriate.


Speaking of which, we chanced upon some souvenir items and other merchandise related to the Papal Visit that just wows. Interpret that however you want or share with us how you feel about these Papal Goods in the comments section.



Photo from www.philstar.com


Pope Francis pillow from Kultura

In case you want to snuggle with the Pope.



Photo from www.gmanetwork.com


Pope Francis plush toys

But where are his arms? Just kidding, these are actually cute.



Photo from www.gmanetwork.com


Pope Francis dolls

If you want a slightly more realistic version, this doll is it. Just look at that detail.



Photo from @PhilippineStar


Pope Francis biscuits

...for when you want to eat his face?



Photo from www.interaksyon.com


Pope Francis stamps

Even your letters will get to join in on the events. Also great for your super cool stamp collection.

Photo from www.gmanetwork.com


Pope Francis pendants

Maybe you’d want to, er, add a bold statement to your OOTD.



Photo from www.veritascard.com.ph


Pope Francis commemorative gift packs

Prayer cards, a rosary bracelet, and...discount coupons. We’re not sure if it’s weird or not. Maybe not. No? Yes? So confused. Time to pray for guidance.



Photo from www.gmanetwork.com


Pope Francis comic books

It even comes in a Filipino version.



Photo from ABS-CBN


Pope Francis’ medicine for the soul

It’s just the Holy Rosary, but damn. That marketing is simply divine.



Photo from www.salon.com


Pope Francis life-size standee

Just in case you wouldn’t be able to score that coveted selfie, here’s a safer alternative.

Tell us your #feels!

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