Smuggler straps 94 iPhones to his body

He got caught, but he looked fantastic!


( Ladies and gents, if you’re going to try your luck as a criminal, do it with style. The CNN headline isn’t too kind, but DAMN. Check out that middle photo. That’s a power stance. And that photo on the left. We sense a bit of pride. (That’s assuming too much, we know).


The smuggler, whose identity has been withheld by reports, was caught when inspectors observed that he was walking "kind of funny" for a man who wasn’t carrying anything heavy. They checked the plastic bags he was carrying and found nothing suspicious, but unconvinced, the inspectors made him go through a metal detector. Beep, beep, beep!


Apparently, his crime was motivated by the fact that there’s about a $180  difference between the iPhone 6 sold in mainland China and Hong Kong. Can’t really blame the guy for trying...and we have to admit, his effort is one for the books.


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