Quotes of the Week: The Holiest Papa of All Speaks to Manila

The city's most interesting soundbites this week

(SPOT.ph) It’s Pope Mania in Manila...but, let’s not forget some of the other important things that are happening in the city. Like Julia Barretto snubbing her father. What is that about?


Plus, check out Jessica Zafra’s advice on how to deal with a world gone bonkers. Here’s the week’s best, in quotes.



1. "Don’t focus on me; focus on Jesus." - Pope Francis, on the insane amount of attention he has been receiving.

And focus on being nicer people!




2. "I don't think I can live in a world where that's even possible." - Noel Gallagher, on Ed Sheeran’s sold out shows at Wembley Stadium.

Wait until he finds out that some people only know two songs by Oasis.


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3. "When the world is extra-scary and incomprehensible, pick up a book. It will not fix the world, but it will help you make a little more sense of it. Unless it's a stupid book, in which case you're better off hanging out with your friends." - Jessica Zafra, from her essay "The Devil in the Philippines."

And what if you have stupid friends? Oh no.



4. "Parang nagiging relative lang kung gaano karami o gaano kamahal ang pwedeng maibigay mo para mapasaya siya. Pero the truth is 'yung mga simpleng bagay naman talaga 'yun ang pinakamahalaga." - Dingdong Dantes, on people criticizing the extravagance of the "royal" wedding with Marian Rivera.

The design of the tiara was pretty simple...and the color of her gown was just white.



5. "Makeup is a wonderful thing for men as well as women." - Benedict Cumberbatch, on the benefits of makeup.

There you have it, folks. The Cumberbatch has spoken.




6. "I knew that I wanted engineering because I love arts, I love to draw, I love math. All the men thought that I wouldn't be able to survive it because there would only be a few women inside the classroom." - Our Miss Universe representative Mary Jean Lastimosa, sharing a little bit about herself.

Because women (actually, people) can like pageants, math, arts, and everything else.


7. "We will paint the town white with ribbons to remind the public that the real purpose of Pope Francis' visit, lest it be forgotten, is the Holy Father's solidarity with our plight as survivors of Yolanda and other subsequent typhoon disasters." - Dr. Elfreda Bautista, on the Papal Visit.

Meet the people who deserve a chance to use the #blessed tag more than anyone.



8. "The Pope came after a big typhoon in the Philippines, and I could still see trees without leaves and roads still wet but cleaned up for the Pope's visit. It was a people just rising from, again from a disaster, but to be visited by the Holy Father. And the Pope, a symbol in white for me, very serene, tranquil, visiting the poor and going to Tondo, entering this shack, spending time with the families. Oh, those were powerful images for me. They have never left my mind, my heart." -  Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, recounting the Papal Visit of Pope Paul VI in 1970.

Impious as this may seem, if typhoons and a visit from the pontiff go together...well, we’re fine feeling the divinity from afar.


9. "What had happened in France, the Charlie Hebdo killing, is a moral lesson for the world to respect any kind of religion, especially the religion of Islam." - organizers of a rally against Charlie Hebdo in Marawi City.


[This space is specifically left blank.]



10. "Nakakasama lang ng loob kasi Julia was only two tables away. And alam naman niya na nandun ako pero hindi niya ako binati. Sakit. Masakit kapag in person." - Dennis Padilla, on being snubbed by his daughter, Julia Barretto.

Unless your father is the son of Satan or Satan himself (or has committed acts against you of similar, erm, value), you should say hi. But maybe that’s just us.


Art by Warren Espejo, with photos from PEP.ph and screenshots from Facebook fan pages, various TV show videos, news clips, and images used by fans in YouTube slideshows.

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