Diosa Jimenez, daughter of Tado, offers a poem for the #Fallen44

Lives are more than just hashtags

(SPOT.ph) Much has been said about what happened in Mamasapano and even more convoluted stuff keeps surfacing as the Senate hearings continue. On Wednesday, around noon, DAKILA offered a humble homage to the members of the Special Action Force that the country lost during the lamentable mission to apprehend Marwan and Usman.


Here is a short poem penned by Tado’s 16-year-old daughter, Diosa Jimenez:


We count the deaths and hashtag them
the ‪#‎Fallen44‬
i offer now a requiem
to who died in war
to all who left their lives behind
inside their quiet homes
inside the pristine marble slabs
that now make up their tombs
inside the southern forest where
a resting-place they find
for gunpowder and bullets in
the lives they left behind
we count the deaths and hashtag them
while flags fly at half mast
how long this present war
fades to the bookish past?
before it turn into a solid facts?
till this becomes an entry in
the long list of attachs?
how many more must fall to give
the doves of peace their flight?
we call our warring just brave
but should we call it right?
we count the deaths and hashtag them
and like and leave them seen
but who outside the war-torn south
remembers the eighteen?
the eighteen brave defenders died
in battle with our crew
they fought and hope and died hoping
and they are people too.
we cannot count or hashtag all
the lives now torn apart
pain goes beyond the borderlines
into broken hearts
we count the deaths and hashtag them
but we do a little more.



‪#‎Hashtags‬ #Fallen44 ‪#‎AngMabuhayNangDahilSaYo‬ ‪#‎LahingDakila‬


Originally posted on DAKILA’s official Facebook page

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